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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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to make sure that they are within those standards. any residents within 25 feet is allowed to request that the carrier must provide a testing reading from any occupy a block area. >> commissioner antonini. >> due to the questions that he has provided and that the coverage is enhanced by these antennas and there is a preference on the location, i would move to approve. >> second. >> should for whenever unexpected reasons the reading this would exceed what we are being told. what what happened?
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>> they would be required to modify the site to meet fcc standards. if they cannot get within fcc standards, they would be removed. >> we have the contact information. you understood that they have the ability to request the results of the reading. i wanted to make sure that you had that information. if the project sponsor could make sure this woman has that contact information, that would be great. ok. >> on the motion to approve the conditions. >> aye. commissioner moore: no. vice-president miguel: aye. president olague: aye.
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>> so moved, commissioners. that passes 6-1. you are now on item 15 for 333 baker street, condition for authorization. >> good evening, at department staff. this proposal is to permit horizon -- verizon to put antennas on the subject property. at this time, the department recommends approval of the proposal. i am now available for any questions you may have. >> thank you, project sponsors. >> good afternoon. i am representing verizon wireless. i want to thank staff for all of
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the hard work they put into the report. verizon wireless is formally requesting the existing use permits. this is the parcel on which the development is proposed is on baker street. it is owned by mercy terrace llc. they currently own the property. the housing community is providing subsidized housing for senior residents. it is in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. it is surrounded by the residential neighborhoods. the 1.725 acre parcel is flat and has 158 housing units with a total of 150,044 square feet.
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the building has an at&t mobility cell site. verizon wireless is proposing to installed cabinets in the basement and on the penthouse. this site will be accessed once a month for maintenance. i wanted to give you a few of the drawings to show you what the design is going to look like. our equipment will be in the basement. our antennas will be on the penthouse where at&t currently has their antennas. the penthouse will be surrounded
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by a fiberglass screen. that panel will be made to look like the existing stucco of the building and will be painted to match. the equipment in the basement will be very secure. the generator in the courtyard will be adjacent to the current generator that mercy terrace has for their emergency backup. antennas will be here. here is a drawing of how the antennas will look from an elevation of view. we are only putting this on the current penthouse where at&t has their antennas. with regards to comments that
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the gentleman made about whether they will access this. there are currently at&t antennas out. there are requests for the at&t and 10 us to not allow people to get within a certain distance of those antennas. we also had a report produced for the site that showed the cumulative a fact of all of the antennas on the site. he can address any questions you have with that. also, russ is here. he can address any questions you have about the coverage or capacity in the area. verizon had planned this site for coverage and capacity.
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if you have any questions, they are available. thank you very much. >> i would like to request that if there are any neighbors that won the contact information, they can speak at the end of the hearing. is there any general public comment at this time? seeing none -- ok, public comment? i am sorry, i am going to limit it to two minutes. >> i have lived here for eight years on baker street. it is a really beautiful building with excellent architecture and emperor structure and interesting history.
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there are more than 200 elderly people. part of it has six floors. there are three office rooms. kitchen and one big hall. this hall provides activities for many people like yoga classes, art classes, and much more. we are ready to do this. we are very upset because there are two antennas already installed there. the environment around is really dangerous.
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one more company wants to install this antenna on the same roof. they want to sign this letter -- a letter with 130 signatures. our people are coming from more than 15 countries as they appreciate our new country. therefore, we ask you not to do anything that can poison or shorten our lives. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on this item? come to the mic. >> hi, once again.
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i wanted to clarify that there are some signs posted to go out to the roof. it clearly states that radio frequency exposure may exceed fcc exposure guidelines. there needs to be clarification as to why that specific wording is used and why they have to be 3 feet back from areas that are being proposed. those are two points of clarification that we will like. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. you could clarify what a member of the public just raised. >> thank you. the signs posted are typical signs that at&t post. they are enthusiastic about
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existing signs. they are intended to be in areas of the upper roof that might have levels over the limit so that workers know. we recommend to at&t that they remove those signs. the project sponsor mentioned that there is striping on the roof. that is not necessary. at&t modified the facility to raise their antennas. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner antonini. commissioner antonini: you have kind of answer this already. the areas in question that are being noticed for people doing maintenance up there and other personnel who may be on the roof, these are not publicly accessible areas. >> to get to their, you have to
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go out on the roof and it requires two ladders to get there. we recommend signs, but no other access restriction. >> commissioners sugaya. commissioner sugaya: can you repeat the number of days that people have to request information? >> this is based on what the maximum output and the antenna of the equipment are. they will be performed within 10 days of operation and installation. they are entitled to do an actual test inside of their property. these will be actual tests. >> there seems to be some concern regarding the cumulative. >> the actual tests, you cannot block out certain radiofrequency exposure.
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>> commissioner antonia. commissioner antonini: i would respect that you would let the people within the building know that they have the right to request these tests after a period of time once they are installed. i would move to approve. commissioner moore: the 25-foot the mention you were giving it is not just horizontal, but it is actually vertical. >> absolutely. commissioner sugaya: just a quick question on the report under the table that has been provided with respect to the various kinds of wireless services. starting with broad band radio and down to lte. am i to understand that as we move into lte that the rates are lower than current cell towers?
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>> these are the old uhf channels. when they converted to digital, they freed up the channels. that is what these are. >> commissioners, there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: no. vice-president miguel: aye. president olague: aye. we will be taking a 10-minute recess before the next item. we will take our recess now. to relocate from curious street to a vacant storefront at
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1423 polk street. the bar is being relocated to make room for the medical establishment. include a service window. because it is located less than 3 feet from the front property line, it would also require conditional use authorization as a walk up facility. no entertainment uses are proposed for the bar. what upholstery corridor posts a number of projects, it would not be an overconcentration because the relocation would not result in increased in the number of bars and the area. the current property owner of the existing location has agreed to record a restriction on the property that would preclude the future establishment of a bar at that location should the expansion plans changed to not include that parcel.
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it should also be noted there are no bars currently operating in the 1400 block of polk street. the storefront is currently vacant and the project would not displace a current tenant. staff has received over five cover letters and petitions in support of the project. a sampling are included in the packet, and i am asked to include additional letters of support. supporters cite the reasonable -- i am sorry, the responsible management of the existing bar as well as community involvement of the business owners. the project has received written support as well as verbal support from the police department. the staff has also received seven communications in opposition to the business, including several letters received following publication of the report. opponents expressed concern about noise, parking impact, overconcentration of bars, and increased crime.
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in conclusion, stafford and support of the proposed project because it would continue the operation of a locally established business and contributed the overall vitality of the polk street corridor. it would not displace an existing retail tenet, and the nature of the business would activate the storefront through the day. staff believes the product its desirable for and compatible with the neighborhood. this concludes my presentation, thank you. president olague: thank you. project sponsor? >> good afternoon, president olague and planning commissioners. thank you for your time today. my name is lori martin, and i am here with my business partner. we are the owners of koko cocktails. we are here today to request the
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additional bridge a conditional use authorization for 1423 polk street so we can transfer our license. because of the california pacific medical center project, we need to relocate to survive. we're the last business left on our current block, as all other businesses have closed, and our time is running out. we took over koko cocktails in 2007. the old business was known for drug, violence, and gangs. through our passion and hard work we have turned it into a well respected small business with a spotless record with the san francisco police department and the abc. we support nine people and three children. it is the only business that we own and our only source of income. san francisco need responsible businesses that contribute to the local economy and provide jobs. in preparation for our relocation, i began out reach nearly one-and-a-half years ago.
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we are active members of the lower palatinate could association and they support our relocation. i have spoken with leaders of the middle polk neighborhood associations are because about our product, the cathedral hills association supports our project. when members of the merchant association and a support our product. we have 450-plus letters of support from residents and customers, 60-plus letters from local businesses, and the majority of the businesses on the 1400 block wellcome our presence. numerous personal letters and support letters from businesses. we held an open house at our new location at 1423, and invited our new neighborhoods on the 1400 block to discuss our project and hear their concerns. we have sent all of our mailings and posting requirements required by the planning department and that abc, and i have documentation of such.
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we have tried to be open and honest with our project and open to suggestions from neighbors and made concessions. we would like to relocate to 1423 polk. we're not adding a liquor license to the neighborhood, but rather moving a few blocks from our current location. we have listened to concerns about a business in the area not (the day, so we intend to offer take-out coffee service daily. by adding additional service, we will be present engaged with the community through the day and evening. we will not sell alcohol during the day. we have also listed the concerns and we will not renew our entertainment license. we looked at a variety of spaces within a quarter mile of our front door, and 1423 was the most appropriate for our purpose. it is relatively the same square footage, there are no other bars of the 14 harbach.
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we remain at 49% occupancy, and there are no upstairs neighbors. safety is our number one concern, and as with our current location we will still provide a safe and controlled environment, no unruly behavior tolerated. we employ a doorman nightly to control noise from our patrons, to be eyes on the employees, and neighbors. we will install security cameras with a street view for the san francisco police department to access at any time. we understand the concerns of neighbors. i am a 17-year note resident of the lower bulk neighborhood and i know what the issues are. i care about the neighborhood. we will be available to address any issues or concerns that may arise on our presence on the 1400 block. ultimately, i believe that we are good for polk street.
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our goal is to coexist peacefully with all our neighbors and preserve our objectives to be a small, safe, unique neighborhood destination that prides itself on its friendly, capable staff and local clientele. thank you, commissioners, for giving our product you're careful consideration. i appreciate your time. president olague: thank you. we may have questions during the deliberation. i'd like to ask all of those who have speaker cards for this item to bring them up at this time. we will be limiting public comments to two minutes. paul, georgia, followed by heather.
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please come to the microphone. >> my name is paul. i did live directly across the street from this address. it -- i live directly across the street from this address. i have lived there since 1975. unfortunately, i had a bad experience with two previous bars on pulte street, which colors my expectations of what this bar will bring. one was busbies discotheque in the 1970's, and the other was the palms nightclub in the 1980's. both of those bars were very hard to take, incredible noise and problems. the course, this was in the cocke era. anyway, to keep it short, i am against this bar moving in because of past experience with
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bars. thank you. president olague: thank you. >> my name is georgia. i'm a resident of 1424 pulte street. i live directly across from where this proposed bar will go in. i have lived in that department since 1978. i have experience with all the bars on pulte street. there are currently other bars and the neighborhood. polk is gaining a reputation of being a great place to come for pub crawls, and regularly on any week or week and that night, the streets are just teeming with roving bands of drunks going from bars to bars at all hours. it is not only when they open. when they close at 2:00 a.m., there are out front yelling and screaming. i'm afraid of this comes in directly across the street, i
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will be exposed to more noise and cigarette i am strongly opps bar. thank you. president olague: thank you. john, frank. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have materials on the project. my name is john. the issue, the list of issues for this product. on december 27, the process sponsor was credit 8.48 for the correct location.
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the lower polk neighbors discussed this proposal and did you worry 12, 2004, june 13, 2004, january 9, 2006. buying a bar that was in trouble with abc and the property being subverted to a medical -- converted to a medical building, they acted in bad faith knowing there would be relocated prior to purchase of the bar on it geary street. the current property owner came to the commission on august 5, 2010, to request a conditional use permit for a full-service restaurant. most of you commissioners were here. on august 12, 2010, the
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commission denied that conditional request. for 41 months, this project sponsor knew they had to relocate their business. they had been given guidelines to follow for relocation. they have a 50-mile radius to relocate. for the last several years, we have had heated debates in front of this commission of the saturation of liquor licenses on pulte strepolk street. i urge the commission to deny the conditional use permit for 1423 polk street. thank you. president olague: thank you. >> good afternoon, president and commissioners. my name is dawn, with the middle polk neighborhood association. i point out the reason for the
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moving is the expansion of the plants, a project that has not been approved. it is a shame that we need to argue today about a move being forced on a business over a plan that has not yet been approved. by a vote of the middle polk membership, we are opposed to this project. we have consistently stated we are opposed to more liquor on pulte-- on polk street. we have a liquor issue on polk street and is getting what lay out of hand. it would not become another north beach where our locations are converted into bars and restaurants. we respectfully disagree with the project sponsor, and i underline the respectful part. ms. martin and her partners are well-known commodities and the
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neighborhood, and i state this in the most positive of terms. they have been a very up front with us about their plans, and them about our opposition, with both parties being completely respectful and understanding of the other's positions. thank you for hearing me. president olague: thank you. >> commissioners, my name is frank with the middle polk neighborhood association. i want to reiterate what she said, we are not opposed to the private sponsors, which are opposed to more liquor on polk street. on the run of polk street, from post to broadway, 10 blocks, there are currently 21 locations serving hard liquor. these are bars or restaurants se